To strengthen family stability and well-being through community support and resources.

We believe that people need people and that stability and success often require more than just hard work. We are here to serve and love our community.

Welcome to Littleton Family Services!

Food and clothing 

bank will be back in January. Stay tuned for dates an details!

Give where you live! LFS recently found out that we won't have our normal space to operate out of for several months due to construction. Our long term goal has always been to have our own space and we feel that now is a better time than ever to make that happen. Having our own facility will give us the flexibility to schedule our events more frequently, allow us to apply for more funding and ultimately help more people. Hunger and need are as prevalent as ever in the community.  Help us 'build the future'

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'Tis The Season

This years Christmas event has come to an end and it was a tremendous success! We helped 90 families this year- tripling last year. The need is so great and we thank all of our volunteers and donors from the bottom of our hearts. There was so much time, thought and generosity put into every part of this program. Christmas was made brighter to more than 350 people. 



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